Talking about blended learning

In this extended interview, Clive Shepherd addresses a wide range of key questions about blended learning, the answers to which will be of interest to just about anyone responsible for learning and development in the workplace:

1 What's the case for blended learning? 00:08

Common objections:

2 What's so new about the idea of blended learning? 00:33

3 Isn't blended learning just a euphemism for e-learning? 01:33

4 Aren't blended solutions just another way of bundling up the same old formal learning approaches? 02:31

When to blend:

5 When is blended learning appropriate? 03:40

6 So, is blended learning always the right option? 05:08


7 There's some disagreement about what the term 'blended learning' actually means. How do you define it? 06:00

Situation analysis:

8 How should someone set about designing a blended solution? 07:29

9 What impact does the learning requirement have on your design decisions? 08:25

10 What audience characteristics have the biggest impact on your design? 10:29

11 What difference do the constraints and opportunities make to your design decisions? 12:32


12 What's your next step once you've analysed the situation? 13:46

13 How do you begin deciding which methods to use? 15:14

14 How do the various social contexts for learning compare? 17:13

15 What options do you have in terms of an overall learning strategy? 20:20

16 How do social contexts and learning strategies interact? 25:49

17 Why start with methods rather than technologies for learning? 26:38


18 What choices do you have when it comes to delivering your strategy? 27:57

19 Why would you want to conduct a learning activity on a face-to-face basis? 29:14

20 What value do offline media have in an online world? 31:25

21 Surely online delivery is fast becoming your default choice? 33.21

22 What about the telephone? What value can that have for learning? 34:46

23 So our last consideration has been media. Why is that? 36:23

The process:

24 How would you summarise the blended learning design process? 37:57

25 What guarantee is there that you'll end up with a solution that is both effective and efficient? 41:00