Bullying - NH Outlook

While bullying has grabbed national headlines over the past year, the problem, however, has been around a lot longer.

NH Outlook examines the nature of bullying, addresses some of the myths and looks at solutions to a problem that has expanded beyond the playground to personal computers, cells phones and social media. Guest host Ally McNair discusses bullying and the state's new anti-bullying law with researcher Dr. Malcolm Smith, school counselor Maxine Mosely and Bully Free NH founder Carol Croteau. Two teens also share their experiences with being bullied.

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http://stopbullyingnow.hrsa.gov/kids - Stop Bullying Now
http://kidshealth.org - Nemour Foundation
http://stopcyberbullying.org - Wire Kids
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http://www.nhptv.org/kn/vs/bullying.asp - Bullying Resources for the classroom