Resume Sample Content

The body of your resume will decide whether or not you secure an interview. Write powerful statements that match the skills, abilities, and qualifications that the institution needs. Resumes contain sentence fragments, not complete sentences. Use vocabulary that interests the reader, rather than dull sentences that will make them put your resume in the "NO" pile. Stress accomplishments and skills, rather than dull responsibilities and job duties.

Let your personality shine - it is a well-known fact that hiring managers hire candidates with a pleasing personality. Words used in a resume can convey a personality that sets you apart from the rest of the candidates.

Your writing style must be clear and concise. Write in the first person, never in the third person - do not use the word "I." Statements should begin with action verbs, and should communicate results, accomplishments, and the value you can offer the company. Verb tenses must remain consistent. Sentences must be parallel. Make sure you show the reader you are a troubleshooter and can solve the institution's problems. Include examples and quotes from a previous supervisor - this will increase your credibility.