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K12 Academics boasts the largest network of National and International directories in the United States. Directories target Schools, School Districts, Principals, Superintendents, Teachers, Parents & Students. Many of our directories compliment one another. Many of the directories on this site are unique and the only of its kind on the internet, including U.S. Department of Education.

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Charter Buses: Motorcoach Companies.

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Driving Schools: Defensive Driving Schools, Traffic Schools, Driving Lessons, Truck Driving Schools, Performance Driving Schools, Motorcycle Riding Schools, Driver Safety Classes

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Jewish Community Centers

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Professional Development/Teacher Workshops: Summer Workshops for Educators.

School Assembly Programs: Animals, Anti-Racism, Anti-Violence, Arts & Crafts, Bullying, Career Building, Clowns, Comedy, Computer, Dance, Disability Awareness, Drug Prevention, Environment, Films, Game Shows, Geography, Government, Health & Fitness, History, Interdisciplinary, Juggling, Learning Skills, Life Skills, Lit/Reading/Writing, Magic, Math, Mime, Motivational, Multicultural, Music, Nutrition, Opera, Poetry, Puppetry, Safety, Science, Sex Education, Storytelling, Theater, Ventriloquism, Visual Arts, Workshops, Writing

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School Vendors: Businesses providing services for schools and school districts

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Volunteer Programs: Skills-based, Virtual, Environmental, Political, Humanitarian, Educational, Abroad, Disability

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