Read to Succeed

Basic Information

Address: YMCA Read to Succeed 241 Trumbull St Hartford CT 06103
County: Hartford
School District: Hartford
Phone Number: 860-522-4183
Fax Number: 860-724-9858
School Type: Adult Literacy Classes
Ages: 18+

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Read to Succeed
Read to Succeed
Read to Succeed
Read to Succeed

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Additional Information

Founded: 1990
Registratio Deadline: N/A
Pricing: depends upon residency
School Hours: 9-12 and 4:30-8 Monday-Thursday
School Setting:

all lessons are 1:1 with a teacher or a tutor
Students must attend class 4 days per week for 2 hours each day

School Size: 30 students maximum
Classroom Size: 1:1 instruction
Student/Teacher Ratio: approximately 3/1
Graduation Rate: N/A
Degrees Offered:


Classes Offered: Only offer literacy classes
Support Services:

Speech and Language assessment for students

Computer Capabilities:

We offer computer programs that are compatable with our program, some programs are internet based.

Parking Spaces/Availability:

free parking available while in class

Mission Statement:

Read to Succeed will provide effective and affordable instruction to individuals who have impaired reading and spelling skills despite normal (or above) intelligence and exposure to conventional instruction. We will provide training to teachers and parents to facilitate children's reading acquisition and prevent reading failure. We will provide activities to encourage and enhance family literacy. We will form partnerships with organizations with similar values and beliefs, so together we can help individuals reach their full potential as learners, workers, family members and citizens.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

The vision of Read to Succeed is to expand the scope and quality of reading, spelling, and associated literacy services to include individuals, families, and educators, following current evidence based reading research.

School History:

The YMCA's Read to Succeed Program has been providing effective and affordable literacy instruction to adults since 1990. Beginning as an innovative computer program model, adults in the Greater Hartford area leaned the basic reading skills needed to live more successful lives. By 1993, we saw the dramatic increase of technology in every area of our lives and realized that computers and specialized software programs were not enough to do the job right. By 1995, the Read to Succeed Program was pioneering the use of literacy research findings in the daily classrom for adults. This included using Multi-Sensory Language Therapy techniques as the foundation of a code based program with all lesssons cross-trained and reinforced with specialized software programs teaching the various literacy components. This program is unique because it is specifically structured to assist adults with poor reading skills, with a specialty in helping those with reading disabilities.

Programs & Services:

Morning classes and evening classes offered. We only teach reading, spelling and writing.
Offer assessments to help identify strengths, weaknesses and goals so they can make informed choices in choosing the right program to meet their needs.


I came to Read to Succeed because I wanted to help myself. I was ashamed about my spelling, reading and writing; always trying to hide it.
When I was young I was put in a special school. Imade me furious when my brother had the ability to read and spell, yet he just slacked off. I struggled and didn't graduate. It really hurt me that I never did graduate. If I graduated I would have gotten a better job in my kind of field.
Read to Succeed has made me more confident to stand up and read out loud and to use a thesaurus. I never heard of that kind of book before. I read now more than ever.
I am at the end of my journey throught Read to Succeed. I plan to go on to bigger and more wonderful things to be fulfilled in the future. - Merry ( finished the program in August 2012) ( Note: she just received her high school diploma and will walk across the stage in May 2013! She is the first person in her family to receive a high school diploma.)

Additional Information:

Read to Succeed has 8 CT certified teachers on staff.  All have or are currently working on their Master's Degree.  We have over 30 highly trained tutors that volunteer once a week for 2-3 hours.  In 2004, the YMCA Read to Succeed Program was cited by Dr. Sally Shaywitz of Yale, in her book, Overcoming Dyslexia.  We serve the Greater Hartford area, however we have taken students from the Waterbury area.

  • All lessons are 1:1
  • Students must attend class 4 days per week (Monday-Thursday)
  • Student must stay for 2 hours each day
  • It takes approximately 2 1/2- 3 years to complete program 
  • Program is individualized to meet student needs