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Basic Information

Address: 464 Putney Road, Brattleboro VT, 05301
Phone Number: 802 257-4797

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Brattleboro School of Budo
Brattleboro School of Budo
Brattleboro School of Budo

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Additional Information

Focus: Traditional Martial Arts
Director: Kyoshi Patrick Donahue
Schools Served: Southern Vermont, Southern New Hampshire, Northern Massachusetts
School District: Brattleboro
County: Windham
Schedule: Mon/Thu 5-6pm, Tue 5:30-6:30pm, Wed 4-5pm, Sat 11am-12pm
Ages: 7-14 kid'd class, 14 and up adult class
Membership/Pricing: $110.00 Per Month (Long-term discounts available)

A large, open, traditional facility located above the Brattleboro Marina with river views and easy parking. The Brattleboro School of Budo offers the finest training in the region in Karate-do, Aikido, and Jujustu. The school offers a non-competitive atmosphere and provides a rare way of training in an ancient practice which includes Eastern Philosophy, history and culture. Our classes provide the proper environment necessary for developing body, mind and spirit and fostering self-awareness, self-esteem and compassionate understanding.


Founded in 1995 by Chief Instructor, Kyoshi Patrick Donahue, (7th Dan, Shorin-ryu Karate, 4th Dan, Goju-ryu Karate, 3rd Dan, Aikido and Aiki Jujutsu), the Brattleboro School of Budo has hosted some of the finest martial artists in the world today, constantly providing seminars and bringing practitioners from around the region to train together.

Program Highlights:

Working individually and in group practice, students learn the basics of strikes, blocks, and roll-falls, as well as kata (forms) dating back hundreds of years. Special training events like Camp Bushido in the Summer provide opportunities to explore other practices like Kobudo (weapons) and Japanese history and philosophy in a disciplined, high-energy environment


The Brattleboro School of Budo provides year-round training in the traditional martial arts of Okinawa and Japan, five days a week, with special seminars each season

Field Trip Destinations: Throughout the year, opportunities arise to train at various schools around the region, the country, and even internationally. Beyond New England, students of the School of Budo have had opportunity for extended training in Indiana, Ohio, Colorado, Okinawa and Japan
Program Information:

Please see our website for further details.

Slogan: "The Journey of 10,000 Miles Begins With a Single Step."