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Basic Information

Address: 1915 Deer Park Ave, Deer Park, NY 11729
Phone Number: 888-827-8188

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Theory of Art & Sciences
Theory of Art & Sciences

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Additional Information

Focus: STEM Education
Director: TAS New York
School District: Deer Park
County: New York
Schedule: 03:00 PM to 08:00 PM
Ages: 6 to 22
Capacity: 20 Kids Per Batch
Membership/Pricing: Contact us

This company is founded on the idea that if children put in the time, and are provided essential resources, then there is nothing they can’t achieve.

Our online help, college counseling resources, application aid, and much more is available to all students!

Program Highlights:

We make sure your kid is safe and productive the whole day!

The TAS after school program is a perfect way for working moms and dads to know their kids are finishing all of their work and having fun. We provide a safe and dedicated learning environment for students.


Our Program Activities

1 - Homework HelpCommon Core Ready
2 - STEM-Based LearningFREE Pickup
3 - Daily ReadingFun Daily Activities
4 - Constant FeedbackExpert Tutors & Staff

Program Information:

The mission of our After School program is to provide quality care for the total child in a safe, nurturing and educational environment utilizing appropriate and fun activities to meet individual needs.

Our interactive lessons help young students to understand difficult common core concepts so they can feel motivated and engaged while learning. This, combined with creative activities, problem-solving, elementary school math tutoring, games, puzzles, reading, pattern-matching and sentence creation exercises, have helped our students become the top kid in their class!

Slogan: Learning Matter's Here!