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Basic Information

Address: 400 Sunshine Drive Miller, SD 57362
County: Hand
Phone Number: (605) 853-3071
Fax Number: (605) 853-3072

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Sunshine Bible Academy
Sunshine Bible Academy
Sunshine Bible Academy
Sunshine Bible Academy

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Additional Information

School Type: K-12 Christian School
Founded: 1951
Ages/Grades: K-12
School Setting:


School Size: 100
Classroom Size: Grades 9-12: 20
Student/Teacher Ratio: 12:1

$9,900 for 5-day boarding, $10,865 for 7-day boarding

Financial Aid:

Based on financial need

Uniform Guidelines:

Dress code

Admissions Requirements:

Described on web site; requires application, pastor/youth pastor reference, English and math teacher reference

Mission Statement:

The purpose of Sunshine Bible Academy is to provide a K-12 Christian educational system that includes a local day-school elementary education program and a residential secondary education program. Historically developed in a rural setting, Sunshine Bible Academy continues to serve families from ranches and farms as well as families from urban areas and foreign countries.

The residential component allows Sunshine Bible Academy to be a ministry to families by providing a Christ centered accredited education for families who desire to attend an excellent Christian school in a strong evangelical non-denominational environment.

Students attending Sunshine Bible Academy are provided an accredited academic program in an atmosphere supportive of spiritual, social, and physical development according to a Biblical philosophy of life. Activities and opportunities will be provided to:

1. Develop within students a respect for learning that will make learning a life-long process.
2. Strive to meet the diversity of individual needs, interests, abilities, and learning styles of students.
3. Enhance the development of responsible citizenship for fulfilling roles of leadership and group participation in life.
4. Promote basic skills including reading, writing, speaking, listening, observing, critical thinking, reasoning, problem solving, and logic in all students.
5. Encourage students in the appreciation, development of skills, and the exploration of talent in music, drama, physical, and practical arts.
6. Assist students in acquiring knowledge and skills to enhance their physical and mental health, which would enable them to accept in themselves and others the biblically based importance of feelings, dignity, and self worth.
7. Challenge students through successful learning experiences at their ability level which will guide them in personal, social, ethical, moral, and psychological development, with the ultimate experience being the initiation and maturing growth in Jesus Christ as both Savior and Lord.

School History:

Back in the spring of 1951, in the living room of the Marshall's frame house, twenty men gathered to discuss the problem all of them shared ... their children's education. Their problem, providing a high school education, was a big one. They wanted their young people to have an accredited education, but in addition, they wanted to see their children mature in Christian character and stability during the important high school years.

By the end of that day the twenty men had reached an agreement. The solution was drastic, but visionary beyond its time ... they would start their own school! A Christian boarding school on the South Dakota prairie! That day, Richard M. Marshall gave forty acres on Highway 45 just outside of Miller, South Dakota and Sunshine Bible Academy was birthed! Birthing is labor accompanied by pain and trials ... the beginning of Sunshine Bible Academy was no exception.

In the spring of 1956 the first four-year class of seventeen students graduated. As the school enrollment continued to grow it was necessary to expand campus facilities and those needs continue today.

Over the years numerous physical changes have been made but the "Spirit of SBA" remains the same. The cornerstone dated 1951 with the mission statement "God's Truth for Today's Youth" still resonates across the South Dakota prairie today, and SBA educates students from across the state, the nation, and around the world!