EarlyLight Books

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Address: 1436 Dellwood Road Waynesville, NC 28721

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Focus: Children's nature nonfiction that makes real science fun
Company History:

EarlyLight books was founded in 2008 by veteran publishing professional Dawn Cusick.  The company specializes in nature nonfiction children's books filled with real science and real fun.  Our titles have won awards and received strong reviews from the Animal Behavior Society (Outstanding Children's Science Book Award in 2010 and 2012 with Bug Butts and Animal Eggs), the National Science Teacher's Association (Outstanding Science Trade Book for Students K-12 List for Caterpillars and Animal Eyes in 2012), and the American Association for the Advancement of Science's publication Science Books & Films (Best Books for Children (Animal Eggs and Animal Tails in 2011 and Animal Tongues and Bug Butts in 2009). 

Additional Information:

EarlyLight Books is distributed in the trade by Charlesbridge Publishing, phone 800-225-3214, 85 Main Street, Watertown, MA  02472, School Division Sales and Marketing email schoolmarketing@charlesbridge.com or Trade Division Sales and Marketing email trademarketing@charlesbridge.com.