Clarkstown High School North

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Basic Information

Address: 151 Congers Road New City, NY 10956
County: Rockland
School District: Clarkstown Central School District
Phone Number: 845.639.6501
Fax Number: 845.639.9665
President: Harry Leonardatos, Principal
Diploma Coordinator: Laine Barberi
School Type: Public
Programme: DP

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Additional Information

IB Region: Americas
IB School Code: 2809
IB Authorization: 2006 - Diploma Programme
Ages/Grades: 9-12
School Setting:

Suburban school located 40 minutes north of New York City

School Size: 1530
School Schedule: 7:25 - 2:00
School days in Calendar Year: 180
School Size: 1530
IB Candidates: 30
IB Classes Offered: English A1 HL, Spanish B SL/SL, Spanish ab initio SL, French B HL/SL, Italian B SL/HL, Japanese SL, History of the Americas HL/SL, Physics SL, Biology SL, Math Studies SL, Math SL, Visual Arts HL/SL, Theatre Arts HL/SL, Theory of Knowledge
After School Programs: Yes
Parking Spaces/Availability:


Admissions Requirements:

Open Enrollment Available

Mission Statement:

"As a family of open-minded people, Clarkstown High School North prepares students to become ethical, responsible, and creative global citizens who will leave their mark on society. Collaborative efforts between the local and school communities will provide guidance, support, and opportunities for involvement. This will enable students to participate in challenging academia, athletics, and arts; organize community and school events; voice their opinions on a local and national level; and lead fellow citizens to fulfill their civic duties."

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

On September 18th, 2009 our fourteen committees discussed and recorded beliefs that stakeholders have about the educational community at North High School. This is a summary of the some of the beliefs determined that day:

§ CHSN should instill in our school community a passion for life-long learning, intellectual curiosity, and social responsibility.

§ School facilities should offer students the chance to use a range of dynamic technologies and expand to incorporate their new skills to solve problems and further their educational opportunities.

§ Every person in our school should be treated with respect to facilitate freedom of expression, individuality, personal comfort, and maximization of potential.

§ All faculty and staff contribute to the success of students.

§ Effective educators, by their own example, encourage in their students a strong passion and respect for learning.

§ Education is a shared responsibility among students, school personnel, parents, and the Clarkstown community.

§ Each student should learn and grow academically, individually, and socially in a high quality environment that promotes their well-being.

§ The environment of our school should support the comfort, safety, and security of the Clarkstown community, inclusive of up-to-date and functional facilities and equipment, as well as an atmosphere that fosters acceptance, tolerance, and the emotional well-being of our life-long learners.

§ We should be dedicated to the idea that each day presents new opportunities.