St. Timothy's School

Basic Information

Address: 8400 Greenspring Avenue Stevenson, MD 21153
County: Baltimore
School District: Baltimore County
Phone Number: 410-486-7400
Fax Number: 410-486-1157
President: Randy S. Stevens
Diploma Coordinator: Ghada Jabar
School Type: Private
Programme: MYP, DP

Action Shots

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Additional Information

IB Region: IB Americas
IB School Code: 002842
IB Authorization: The school is authorized to offer both the IB Middle Years program, Flexibility model for years 4 and 5 and the IB Diploma program for the last two years of high school. The school has been offering the IB diploma program since 2006.
Accreditation: The school is accredited by the Association of Independent Maryland and DC Schools (AIMS) and the Council for International Schools (CIS)
Founded: Founded 1882; Chartered 1832
Ages/Grades: 9 - 12; PG
School Setting:


School Size: 200 Students
School Schedule: Classes are in session from 7:45 am till 3:15 pm followed by sports from 4:15 to 6:00 pm. 
School days in Calendar Year: 180 school days

Residential - Boarding & Day

School Size: 200 Students
Classroom Size: 12 students
Student/Teacher Ratio: 8:1
Financial Aid:



Languages A (English, Spanish, Chinese, French), Languages B and Abinitio (French, Mandarin, Spanish), Individuals and Societies (History, Psychology, Economics), Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Mathematics, Fine Arts 


• St. Timothy's school offers the IB Middle Years program in grades 9 and 10 and the IB Diploma program in grades 11 and 12. Our students are encouraged to take the full IB diploma program if they can take three or four higher level courses. All our students are in IB classes and take the exams in May of their senior year. Our graduation requirements are the same for all students including the core requirements of CAS, Theory of Knowledge and the Extended Essay. Our non-diploma students can take all or any number of courses at Standard level while Diploma students are required to take three or four at higher level. We have a learning support center staffed by learning specialists who work with students with learning needs and follow through closely with their teachers to make sure they are receiving all their accommodations.

IB Candidates: 100
IB Classes Offered: IB English A Literature HL and SL, IB Chinese A Language and Literature HL and SL, IB French A Language and Literature SL, IB Spanish A Language and Literature SL and HL, IB French Abinitio, IB French B SL and HL, IB Spanish B SL and HL, IB Spanish Abinitio, IB Mandarin B SL and HL, IB Mandarin Abinitio, IB History SL and HL (Americas and Europe offered at HL), Psychology SL and HL, Economics SL and HL, Physics Sl and HL, Chemistry SL and HL, Biology SL and HL, Math SL and HL, Math Studies, Visual Arts, Theatre.
Percentage of Graduating Class: We do not offer any other program.100% are in IB classes taking exams end of their second year of diploma program. On average 60% go for the full diploma program with three or 4 higher level courses.
Camp Programs: Yes
Summer School: No
After School Programs: Yes
Computer Capabilities:

Our school is a one-to-one iPad school and most of our students use both, an iPad and a computer tablet. The school is equipped with language lab and a media center housing 32 Macs in addition to Macs available in the student center and the residential houses.

School Clubs:

We offer more than 15 student clubs and organizations focused on art, music, sports, government, diversity, the environment, global problem-solving, community service and many other themes.

Parking Spaces/Availability:


Uniform Guidelines:

Formal Uniform Required. St. Timothy's School uses Dennis School Uniforms as our uniform vendor.

Admissions Requirements:

An application is considered complete when all of the following have been submitted: Application Form, Essay, Parent/Guardian Evaluation, Application Fee, Transcripts, Recommendation Forms, Standardized Tests, Interview, and Graded Paper (Optional)

Mission Statement:

Founded in 1882, St. Timothy’s School is a college preparatory boarding and day school, preparing girls to assume positions of leadership with moral focus and courage, intellectual honesty and acumen, and the confidence to act responsibly and ethically in all areas of their lives.

St. Timothy’s instills a passion for learning and is committed to the formation of character, spiritual growth, social responsibility, and a respect for diversity.  Such commitments are the hallmarks of our heritage; they illuminate our motto and guide our lives together.

St. Timothy’s curriculum is based upon the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, which is one of the most rigorous and advanced curricula today for preparing students for the varied challenges they will confront throughout their lives.

St. Timothy’s offers a rich and highly individualized program with superb resources in athletics, arts, clubs, world affairs, and community service, capitalizing on the talents and strengths of each individual student.

St. Timothy’s is affiliated with the Episcopal Church, the fundamental principles of which provide a moral compass for the community. The School welcomes students of all faiths and draws strength from a diversity of beliefs and experiences.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Since 1882, St. Timothy’s School has been guided by our motto, “Truth Without Fear,” and with integral core values centered on our mission, St. Timothy’s continues to educate young women. This distinctive culture equips young women with the knowledge, confidence, imagination, discipline, and integrity that make them effective leaders and capable citizens.

The primary goals of a St. Timothy’s education are to gain a disciplined mastery of studies and to engender an understanding of oneself and others. Discovery is an integral part of this process. Girls are challenged to embrace intellectual curiosity and discover for themselves a passion and joy in seeking knowledge. A rigorous, internationally focused curriculum enables students to make the connections between their lives and the world beyond our campus. Our interdisciplinary curriculum clearly links the arts to the other academic areas while challenging students to create and explore.

Through the opportunity to compete in a wide variety of sports, our students practice sportsmanship and leadership while gaining valuable self-confidence and discipline. We assert that an all-girls school provides the best environment to develop competent and confident young women. Discussions in small classes allow each girl to participate actively in her own education. The faculty supports, guides, and challenges each young woman as she explores and develops her distinctive talents and gifts. Young women can experience the benefits of leadership opportunities and programs that are integrated within the academic and residential life curricula. Through a singular focus upon the growth of each young woman, St. Timothy’s seeks to provide a setting in which our students are intellectually and emotionally robust, balance work and play, and develop collaborative and competitive skills, gaining the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual stamina to reach their goals.

We celebrate our Episcopal identity as the Diocesan School for Girls in Maryland. Our Episcopal community is inclusive, welcoming and respectful of people of all faiths. Weekly chapel services and community outreach underscore the importance of spirituality, while an honor code encourages students to incorporate personal and academic integrity into their daily lives. We believe that the presence of varied faiths, ethnic origins, and socioeconomic and racial backgrounds in our school creates a vibrant community. Through exposure to different perspectives, girls learn the importance of belonging to a global community.

We know that a boarding school culture has a profound capacity to shape the lives of both our boarding and day students. Our closely-knit community affords opportunities for lasting friendships among peers and affirms interactions among faculty, staff, and students. Our traditions nurture community and connect each generation of graduates with the School. We honor the individual voice while fostering accountability toward others. Students benefit from service opportunities within our school and beyond our campus. As a result, St. Timothy’s students see the positive impact of their involvement, develop a sense of their own worth, and engender a respect for the dignity of others. A valuable education comprises many virtues. The stars on our school shield symbolize the three qualities we honor most: that our young women seek the truth and uphold it, prove worthy of trust, and practice kindness.

Programs and Services:

As part of our community service requirements, every St. Timothy’s student must complete a minimum of 120 service hours in order to graduate, but students often far exceed that number.

Several include:

The Global Immersion Program
College Counseling
Chapel Program
Residential Programming