SchoolPlus Russian Language

Basic Information

Address: 8 Cliff Rd. Apt C2 New Brunswick, NJ
County: NJ
Phone Number: 7322464150
President: Dr. Olga I. Fookson
Principal: Dr. Olga I. Fookson
School Type: private Russian language program

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Founded: 1995
Organization Affiliation: other branches of SchoolPlus
Ages/Grades: 3-17 yo
School Schedule: weekend days 9:00-3:00
School days in Calendar Year: Saturday in Teaneck and Sunday in North Brunswick
School Holidays: state Holidays

Russian speaking community

School Size: 200
Classroom Size: 3-12
Student/Teacher Ratio: 8:1



Russian Language; Summer Camp in North Brunswick in July


Depends on age and Russian level

Camp Programs: Yes
School Clubs:

Summer camp in North Brunswick NJ promoting Russian Language

Notable Graduates/Alumni:

Our graduates are successfully passing AP Russian Exam

Parking Spaces/Availability:


Admissions Deadline: for summer camp July 5th
Mission Statement:

To teach Russian to heritage learners to support family language and promote interest to Russian culture

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

We strongly believe that it is great to know more than one language, great to support family language and culture!

School History:

SchoolPlus founded in 1995 and since then till today have been teaching Russian to children of 3-17yo! Summer camp promoting Russian is available in North Brunswick.

Programs and Services:

Weekend Russian classes
Drama classes
Summer camp in North Brunswick

Social Media:


Notes/School Information:

welcome children with Russian heritage background!