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Graduate of Day's Beauty School, in Baton Rouge, Lousiana which is Pivot Point and is the global leader in hair and beauty education and with a network of millions of graduates, the most widely taught. The Pivot Point curriculum teaches you to see, think, create and adapt as a designer. The curriculum is a marriage of art and design, as well as the most innovative techniques used in the industry—you learn not only the how’s, but also the why’s. What does this mean? Unlike other programs, you will learn foundational design principles of form, texture and color, and then incorporate these with practical applications, such as sculpting, long hair design, texture and color. You will also learn how to adapt every aspect of the design to your clients’ needs. This provides you with limitless possibilities, making you a true hair designer and an asset to any high-end salon or spa.


Cosmetology instructor student with 500/500 hours completed.
Anyone who’s ever seen a makeover before and after knows the artistic talents of a hairstylist.So, it’s not too much of a stretch that Christine Lyon-Lorio does hair and makeup with 18 years of professional experience and 26 years of growing up in a Hair salon as a child because her entire family was in the hair business. She studied with local stylist Ted Chicola who roomed with the actual Paul Mitchell in Hawaii and attended Vidal Sassoon Academy, then later became Louisiana’s famous Sam Brocato’s educational director for 26 years at Lock Works Academy, for Two and one half years. It was under his tutelage that Christine obtained a degree in hair color correction, eventually becoming a certified Wella hair color expert. Christine Lyon-Lorio, owner and now creator of Crystal Lyon Salon Studios,has
written the formula for beauty in the LSU Reveille.



Christine has studied in New York and has taken extensive continuing education including finishing her hours for her instructors license and is currently studying to take the test to obtain an instructors license. She specializes in Corrective color and hair design and she is the make-up artist that can give you a dramatic look or a natural every day look and teach you how to apply your Make-up according to face shape, eye shape and even teach you how correct those imperfections without having plastic surgery. Says Lyon-Lorio “You would be surprised at what a little paint can do!”









For the past 8 years she has also has experience behind the camera doing hair,make-up and SFX make-up in motion pictures and commercial’s. Also there are acting classes at her studio on Wednesday nights.Using her talents she helps actors to create the look that directors look for. One of her actors that she completed a make-over was hand-picked by the director of the “Twlight” series motion picture, Memphis Beat, and a mechanic in Nicholas Cage’s up- coming feature Medallion.






Other feature films her actors have been featured or extras in are: Treme’, Battle Ship, Chasing the Fox, The Courier, Columbiana, From the Rough, Flood Streets, The Last Exorcism, The Green Lantern, The Exile, andExtraordinary just to name a few.



So for those of you out there have always wondered if you were applying your make-up correctively, searching for a new look, or stuck in a rut an are trying to rediscover and renew your look, you have found the right Make- Artist.