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Address: 119 South Woodburn Drive Dothan, AL 36305
Phone Number: 800-673-1788
Fax Number: 334-692-4606

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Additional Information:

AngelTrax is a privately owned designer, manufacturer and provider of in-vehicle video surveillance and fleet management systems for the student transportation, university and mass transit, rail, freight, utilities, construction, waste management and corporate fleet industries.

AngelTrax strives to continually improve student safety with innovative product technologies to capture and manage clear video of what happens in and around the bus. We drive the market with state-of-the-art products, including Vulcan Series MDVRs, MNVRs, IP cameras, patent-pending Parallax cameras, high-definition cameras, cutting-edge real-time and live-view tracking, driver behavior management and patented Virtual Synchronized Mapping technology.

Visit the AngelTrax website,, for a full range of interior and exterior Vulcan Series HD and IP cameras, including the low profile HD1700V camera with its extremely wide 170-degree horizontal field of view, which is capable of capturing student behavior even in high-back seats.

Outside the school bus, the IntelliGuard Automated Stop Arm Violation System automatically detects and marks the MDVR's hard drive when a vehicle illegally passes a school bus while the stop arm is extended. An overview camera confirms the stop arm is activated at the time the car passes the bus, while three cameras inside the main unit capture images of the side of the vehicle in addition to the front and rear bumpers, including the license plate area. This system is designed to give transportation directors the evidence they may need to prosecute violators in court and help make their bus routes safer for children. This system is also capable of automatically uploading video of the stop arm violation to the client's remote server for processing. IntelliGuard does the work of catching the violator in the act so the bus driver can concentrate on driving.

The Vulcan Series exterior Parallax camera uses patent-pending technology to provide outstanding image quality with a horizontal resolution exceeding Cinema 4K. Each EXTPARLX4K camera captures a field of view wide enough to include the exterior wall of the bus, from end to end. Capture clear views of traffic coming, going and beside the bus with only one camera--the Parallax exterior camera--mounted to each exterior side wall.

Each interior Parallax camera captures a 210-degree field of view with zero image distortion. Ideal for university transit buses, the Parallax View system provides 360-degree interior coverage with only four cameras.

For School Buses Only