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Address: PO Box 630442 Houston, TX 77263
Phone Number: 713-304-4421

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As a former teacher I understand the dedication that is required to step into that classroom every day with a smile on your face and try to mold your children into responsible citizens, future leaders and just kids that want to learn. And so for the last 23 years I have applied that dedication to BYTES 'n GRINS. When we first started to add School Bus gifts to our already popular line of gifts, we were absolutely amazed at how quickly they would sell out AND the number of customers that took the time to tell us how hard it is to find gifts for School Bus Drivers. With that in mind we combed the aisles of Gift Shows in 4 states to find anything and everything that was School Bus related. And now we find that over 50% of our customers are School Bus related in some way. We are also members of 2 Promotional Products Associations for those needing bulk items and awards. We are proud of the longevity of our business and look forward to serving the School Bus Community for years to come even though I may not be at the helm. Retirement beckons and we are hoping to find a buyer with the same dedication, attention to customer service, and business knowledge.

Company History:

We started in 1990 during the birth of computing and technology for all. We traveled the country with a trailer full of fun gifts and novelties for computer users, students and Geeks and attended Ed tech conferences nationwide..... hence the name BYTES 'n GRINS. With our loyal following and Mail Order Catalog we opened our first online store in 1996. Since then we have grown to add LOTS of fun gifts not only for Geeks but for the entire Education Community including and ESPECIALLY for the dedicated School Bus Drivers and Transportation Departments world wide. We are proud to offer the largest selection of School Bus Gifts, Novelties, Wear-ables and Awards on the internet. AND we are dedicated to keeping our prices low.

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