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Address: 10055 Yamato Road, Suite #504 Boca Raton, FL 33498
Phone Number: 561-528-2768
Person of Contact: Ernie Edwards

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ClearwinUS, Inc.
ClearwinUS, Inc.
ClearwinUS, Inc.
ClearwinUS, Inc.

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ClearwinUS offers UV-C sanitization solutions of tomorrow, available to you today. We are the U.S. authorized distributor of the world's smallest & most effective CLEARSCAN Portable UV-C Sanitizer 'Pen' and the
Clearwin UV-C Escalator Handrail Sanitizer Units.
CLEARSCAN UV-C Portable Sanitizer 'Pen'

CLEARSCAN Product Features
Light and compact for its portability yet truly effective. A sanitizer pen that will help protect you and your loved ones.
POWERFUL SANITIZING OF PROVEN UV-C LEDS: Effective Sanitizing rate for various bacteria such as Staph. Aureus & E. coli*.

PORTABILITY: At 1.1 ounces and pen shaped, it is truly light weight, compact, yet highly effective.
MODERN DESIGN: Perfect fit for urban lifestyle.
TRIPLE SAFETY: Double cap with operating timer to protect the user. An internal gyro automatically turns the pen off if rotated more than 90° away from object.
SEMI-PERMANENT LIFESPAN: The device can be used up to 200 times after just 40 minutes of charging (activates for 20 seconds after pressing the on button)
Clearwin UV-C Escalator Handrail Sanitizer Units

The Clearwin Escalator Handrail Sanitizer provides continuous sanitization to handrails at a cost "much less than a cup of coffee per day". Removing almost all various bacterial strains* this breakthrough United States patented technology has made Clearwin UV-C sanitizer the most in-demand escalator handrail sanitizing unit in the world today.
Escalator Handrail Sanitizer: Thanks to our propriety UV-C LED Lamps, Clearwin Korea are the first to design a totally self-driven device that is mounted on the sides of the escalator balustrade. Our sanitizer unit has been proven to eliminate various bacteria* from the handrails and is being used to combat dirty, unhealthy escalator handrails in hotels, airports, stadiums, office buildings, shopping malls, metro centers and other facilities that use escalators and moving walkways all over the world.
EASY TO MAINTAIN: Initially developed by LG in Korea, Clearwin's UV-C Sanitizer is now setting the highest standards for escalator hygiene. Requiring only a momentary visual check that the indicator light is on during operation and quarterly removal of the sidewall covers to clear dust, the Clearwin unit is practically maintenance free. It is a magnificent device that costs next to nothing to run. It is also eco-friendly avoiding the need for harmful cleaning chemicals that damage the handrail from outdated ways of sanitization.
Clearwin Escalator Sanitizer: