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Address: 10224 Hickorywood Hill Ave #101B Huntersville, NC 28078
Phone Number: 7044641041
Person of Contact: Doug or Tracy

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When You Need Testing Services, Trust Our Team

There are many reasons that individuals, parents, coaches, employers, and legal professionals may wish to conduct a drug, alcohol, or DNA test. Whether you are verifying the paternity of a child, testing an athlete on your sports team for steroid use, assisting a relative in the U.S. immigration process, or even seeking forensic DNA testing for a legal proceeding, the proper drug, alcohol, or DNA testing can make all the difference. No matter the reason you need testing services, FastestLabs® can help you find the perfect solution.

Our complete range of testing services can detect short and long-term drug use, recent or previous alcohol consumption, and similarities in DNA that can indicate a direct or indirect familial relationship. We can even help you construct a DNA profile when an individual is uncooperative. And, with all our tests, we work hard to ensure the fastest wait times, quickest results, and unparalleled accuracy you need.