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Address: 13305 12th Avenue North Minneapolis, MN 55441
Phone Number: (763) 401-4408
Person of Contact: Georgia Keller

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Healthy Savings
Healthy Savings

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Starting with 25% off fresh produce and adding similar discounts on lean meats, wholegrain breads, milk, eggs, and other healthy food - this is a program that inspires employees to get healthier and stay healthier. Over 200 brands provide savings on pre-qualified healthier products that are promoted on the program including: Yoplait®, Skippy®, Chobani®, Fiber One®, Sunkist®, Barilla®, and more. We meet teachers and staff where they are in their health and wellness journey. Through a fast-growing partnership with grocers and food producers, Healthy Savings empowers employees to save money for choosing healthy food and fresh produce. Healthy Savings boasts 70% employee engagement, which can lead to a better workplace culture and lower employee turnover.

Contact us today and we'll help you begin your journey to support the financial and physical wellness of your teachers and staff!