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Address: 228 Market Street Venice, CA
Phone Number: 3106149048
Person of Contact: Barbara Masket

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Additional Information

The MASK-it Eye Patch is a single-use, disposable and adjustable patch that replaces the traditional pirate patch that was used for monocular eye tests. It is hygienic and more comfortable than the reusable 'pirate patch, which no one liked. It is self-adherent and can be adjusted to fit any face.

A partial slit in the larger portion allows the patch to be made into a cone of any depth that can then fit over any eye - even one with long eyelashes.

The disposable eye patch is applied to the face by placing the smaller portion over the bridge of the nose at the level of the eyebrows and the larger end angles downward toward the temple, right below that eye. Just press lightly at those 2 points and it will adhere for the length of the test for that eye.

After the test for the first eye is completed, the patch is easily removed and can be placed over the fellow eye. The patches come on a roll in a box that contains 500 units, and like stickers, are simply peeled away from their backing