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Address: 6900 Canby Ave, 107 Reseda, CA 91335
Phone Number: 8186546286
Person of Contact: Ezra Kohavi

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MediaClone, Inc.
MediaClone, Inc.

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MediaClone - A USA company Designs & Manufacturers of Extreme Fast Drive Erase Solutions and Drive Duplication units. The SuperWiper line of products is extremely fast data erase units that enable the user to erase many drives (Hard Disk Drives, Flash Media, SSD, NVMe) simultaneously, in parallel, in a multiple independent erase sessions. The solutions are standalone hardware units, no license scheme, built-in with one of the best erase application that supports erase using DoD, DoD lite, Secure Erase, Enhance Secure Erase, Sanitize, NVMe Secure Erase Protocols. The application generates logfiles and NIST 800-88 certificate and create erase databases that easy to use. The application designed to work with touchscreen and it is easy to use. The units are built to last and used 24/7. I addition the SuperCopier Line of products is a superb IT products with many built in features and it is very easy to use. The standalone units are fast and allow the user to duplicate drives from many to many, supporting different interfaces such SAS/SATA/NVMe/USB/SCSI/FC. The SuperCopier application is complete with features line SMART copy of the OS, VHD copy and many more. It is been use by fortune 500 companies.