Midtown Psychological Services, Inc.

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Address: 3914 Washington Street, Kansas City, Missouri
Phone Number: 816 561 9494
Fax Number: 816 561 8199
Person of Contact: Helen Weiser

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Additional Information

A group of experienced, professional educational evaluators with 20 years experience providing testing and assessment to the Missouri school district have partnered with Midtown Psychological Services, Inc. to offer these services to private as well as public educational institutions at competitive rates.
There are several payment options: $120 per hour or $650 for complete testing and intervention battery as follows:
A. Assessment and Testing for Placement in 504 Category.
B. Assessment for placement in Special Education Category.
Services Include: 1. Write-up of profile to determine if child meets diagnostic criteria per Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) for Autism Spectrum Disorders and/or for Special Education; (2) Consultations with compliance officer to review significance of results and respond to questions for meeting diagnostic criteria
Tests are selected based on age norms per DESE guidelines as well as the State of Missouri guidelines formula for identification of children for special education as follows:
Evaluation of cognitive, academic, adaptive behavior and/or visual motor integration skills;
Third Edition Long School Version and Home Versions (BE S-3; LSV and HV)
Emotional Disturbance Diagnostic Tree (EDDT)
Behavioral Assessment Scales for Children-Second Editioion (BA SC-2) to include parent/teacher/child assessment Gilliam Autism Rating Scale, Second Edition (GARS-3)
Developmental Profile Third Edition (DP-3)
Evaluation of special education category
Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, Fourth Edition
Stanford Binet Intelligence Scale (Fifth Edition)
Test of Non Verbal Intelligence (TONI)
Woodcock Johnson Tersts of Achievement, Third Edition
The completed profile will determine if the child qualifies for Learning Disabilities, Emotional Disturbance, Autism, Speech and Language impairment as well as Behavior/Emotional Disturbances
Midtown Psychological Services provides individual, group and family therapy to help remedy the emotional distress accompanying the child's struggle to succeed at school.