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Phone Number: (310) 869-7855
Person of Contact: Naomi Sumler

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My International Language Pal LLC
My International Language Pal LLC
My International Language Pal LLC
My International Language Pal LLC

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Additional Information

Bonjour Fellow Explorers!

My International Language Pal (MILP) is an enrichment program that offers both online and offline educational lessons and activities to cater to students across the country. Whether in California or beyond, MILP provides tailor-made lesson plans and enrichment activities to enhance students' language skills, geographical literacy, and cross-cultural understanding, as well as their technology skills.

For states outside of California, MILP operates exclusively online, ensuring accessibility to students across the country. Our online offerings include:

Online enrichment activities offered by MILP include:

1. Virtual Video Pal Program: Students have the opportunity to engage in live video exchanges with peers from different states, allowing them to exchange cultures, practice language dialect skills, map reading skills to showcase their city and state, and foster cross-cultural understanding.

2. Interactive Language (Dialect) Lessons: MILP offers interactive language lessons conducted online, covering vocabulary building, conversation practice, reading comprehension, and writing exercises. We will study the various language dialects and accents that exsist throught the US and the world.

3. Geography Exploration: Through virtual map exploration and country profiles, students can learn about different countries, continents, and geographical features from the comfort of their classrooms.

4. Cross-Cultural Communication: MILP facilitates virtual cultural exchanges, role-playing scenarios, and collaborative projects to promote cross-cultural communication and understanding among students.

5. Geo-spatial Mathematics: Students explore the mathematical aspects of geography, such as measuring distances, calculating areas, and understanding spatial relationships. They learn to interpret maps, plot coordinates, and analyze geographic data using basic arithmetic skills. Through hands-on exercises and interactive lessons, students develop a deeper understanding of the mathematical principles underlying geographic concepts.

By offering a blend of online and offline educational experiences, MILP aims to provide students with a comprehensive learning journey that prepares them to thrive in an interconnected world.

Contact us to start the global exploration, and we look forward to having you in our international classroom! Bon Voyage!!!