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Basic Information

Address: 300 E. Shell Rd. Ventura CA 93001
Phone Number: 805-256-7680
Fax Number: 805-204-4145
Person of Contact: Tamar Swan

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Roklin Systems Inc.
Roklin Systems Inc.
Roklin Systems Inc.

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Additional Information

Roklin has more than 20 years experience in the development and application of simple-to-use and long-lasting polyurethane products for concrete repair and asphalt repair. Our concrete repair products, crack repair products and asphalt repair products are specifically designed to provide quick installation and long-term durability for everything from playgrounds and parking lots to highways and driveways. 

Roklin’s Key Advantages:

  • Quick Set – Less Than 10 Minutes
  • Minimal Prep – No Cutting, Digours or Primer Required
  • Shorter Traffic Closures – Convenience and Reduced Labor Costs
  • Waterproofs Both Asphalt and Concrete
  • Protection Against Oils, Gasoline, Hydraulic/ Brake Fluids and Water
  • Longer Lasting Than Conventional Repair Materials
  • Odorless and Vaporless- No unsafe exposure to workers staff or students.