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Address: 390 Crescent Cove Lane Lancaster, VA 22503
Phone Number: 7038181098
Fax Number: 7032321773
Person of Contact: Jim Symons

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Symons Serves, Inc.
Symons Serves, Inc.
Symons Serves, Inc.
Symons Serves, Inc.

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Serving the states of Deleware, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and Washington D.C. Symons Serves, Inc. Brings over 28 years of experience serving the equipment needs of the Educational Facilities Maintenance Professional. We sell and service, aerial access and material handling equipment, as well as train operators of that equipment. The service we provide gives, the Educational Facilities Maintenance Professional, the assurance that; equipment needed to access elevated positions, with personnel or materials, on or about the campus, is the proper tool for the job, is in proper and legal operating condition and the operators of that equipment have all the training or "Certification" required by law.

We serve you with Sales Agent/Trainers all Certified Master Instructors and Field Service Providers all Manufacture Trained Technicians. The Sales Agent/Trainer evaluate current equipment, equipment service records and personnel training status to assure compliance with applicable code and law; recommend solutions for deficencies and offer service or training programs, to assure you all compliance continues. The Field Service Provider is on call 24/7/365 to assure break down service is available when needed, performs field service and Inspections.

Symons Serves , Inc. also has an online and paper catalog with a tremendous selection of other storage and material handling products for Facilities. We also offer temporary scaffold, staging rental and rigging.