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Address: Washington, DC 20012
Phone Number: 202-810-2573
Person of Contact: Juanita Blankumsee

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Additional Information

Music Performance: WorkFlora showcases an array of live music performances suitable for diverse events, ensuring every gathering is paired with the perfect melodic backdrop.

Music Education: WorkFlora transcends the stage, offering a comprehensive platform for pedagogical growth. Educators can harness our bespoke solutions to enrich instruction, tailoring the learning experience to each classroom's unique rhythm. Administrators will find a valuable ally in WorkFlora for up skilling their teaching staff, integrating music seamlessly into the curriculum, and bolstering educational support systems. Our meticulously assembled suite of online courses beckons both enthusiasts and professionals to delve into the intricacies of music, providing a pathway not just to refine talent, but to amplify teaching methodologies and student engagement through the power of music.

Children's Music Programming: At the heart of WorkFlora's offerings is the 'Music & Me' program, meticulously crafted for newborns to 3-year-olds. This initiative is aimed at harnessing the power of music to boost cognitive, emotional, and social development in the early stages of life. The immersive sessions encompass a rich tapestry of musical elements, from gentle melodies and hand percussion to floor pianos and dancing scarfs. The inclusion of rhythm instruction, singing bowls, and a touch of digital innovation ensures a comprehensive musical experience for the young ones.

School Programs: Recognizing the transformative role of music in education, WorkFlora has rolled out captivating programs for students spanning from Pre-K to Upper Elementary for DIY and DFY programs. These programs emphasize the instrumental role of music in augmenting academic performance, nurturing social skills, and serving as a conduit for creative expression.

In essence, WorkFlora isn't merely a music company; it's a musical journey, dedicated to touching lives through the magic of tunes, rhythms, and harmonies. Whether one is an event organizer, a budding musician, a parent, or an educational institution, WorkFlora offers the perfect symphony for your needs.