California School for the Deaf - Riverside

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Basic Information

Address: 3044 Horace Street, Riverside, CA 92506
County: Riverside
School District: California School for the Deaf, Riverside
Phone Number: (951) 248-7700
Fax Number: 951-782-6509

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California School for the Deaf - Riverside
California School for the Deaf - Riverside
California School for the Deaf - Riverside
California School for the Deaf - Riverside

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Additional Information

President: Nancy Hlibok Amann, Ph.D
School Type: Public Residential & Day Program for Deaf & HH
Founded: February 2, 1953
Ages/Grades: 18 months to 21 years old / PIP to 12th Grade
School Size: 400 students
Classroom Size: 4 to 10 students
Student/Teacher Ratio: 4 to 10 students / 1 teacher

free, at no cost


Early Childhood Education, Elementary, Middle School, High School, Alternate Curriculum Education, Career and Technology Education, Physical Education/Athletics, and Student Life Residential Program


AP and Honors classes, ASL and English courses, California Common Core Standards, Career Pathways, Language and literacy skills, Science/ Technology / Engineering /Mathematics (STEM) and DeafTEC, Career and Technology Education (Automotive/Welding Technology, Construction Technology, Digital Technology, Food Education and Service Training, and Academy, Graphic Technology, Robotics Engineering, Television/Video Production, Transition Services/Workability, Visual and Performance Arts)

Percentage of Graduating Class: 100%
Support Services:

ASL Support and Immersion Program, Assessment and Intervention Services, Computer / ASL Labs, Curriculum Support Services, Extended Learning Program, Health Services, Individualized Education Program, Library and Storytelling Services, School Counseling Services, Sound Lab / Audiology Services, and Speech and Language Services

Camp Programs: Yes
Summer School: Yes
After School Programs: Yes
Computer Capabilities:

Wi-Fi, MAC, PC, iPads, I-touch boards, TV/Film studio

School Championships:

West Regional Academic Bowl Champions '17, '15, Southwest Academic Bowl Champion '16, Marie Jean Phillips ASL Storytelling annual multi-winners, Gallaudet ASL/English Literacy annual multi-winners, FEAST 3rd in State '17, Riverside County Directing Change Film Award Winner '17, Build the Design OC Fair competition '16, '15, '14, and various sports tournaments/league championships

School Clubs:

Academic Bowl, After-School Activities/Sports Program, International Club, Student Life Housing Program Officers, Student Class Officers, Jr.NAD, and Associated Student Body Government (each department)

Notable Graduates:

Ryan Lane of ABC Family "Switched at Birth"; John Maucere, International Performer and "SuperDeafy"; Dr. Petra Horn-Marsh, Leonard "Len" Gonzales, Stefanie Ellis Gonzales, Alban Branton, Mark Call of Sorenson, Charles Katz, Jeffrey Lubman, Sam Holcomb, Kevin Struxness, David McKee, Jeffrey Lenham, "Rusty" Wales, etc.

Parking Spaces/Availability:

plenty of parking on campus along Horace st. at ECE, Elementary, Administration, and CTE, or at curb on Horace street or Mauce street

Uniform Guidelines:

No uniform, wear appropriate non-provocative or offensive clothing

Admissions Requirements:
Every Deaf and hard-of-hearing person between the ages of 3 and 21 years, who is a resident of the state, and who meets the eligibility criteria set forth in the proposed regulations is entitled to an education at a CSD at no cost to parents or students. Priority in admission to the CSDs shall be given to:
•Elementary age Deaf and hard-of-hearing students who meet admission criteria and reside in sparsely populated regions; and,
•Secondary age Deaf and hard-of-hearing students who meet admission criteria and are in need of a high school program, for whom appropriate comprehensive educational facilities and services are not available or cannot be reasonably provided by their local school district or county educational agencies (Education Code section 59020)Unique Educational Needs of CSD Student Population

Mission Statement:

Students at California School for the Deaf are engaged in a positive environment where ASL and English are valued, cultures are embraced, learning is relevant, and self-worth is uplifted. In collaboration with families and school communities, Southern California students prepare for college and careers through academic rigor, innovative technology, and extra-curricular opportunities.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

CSDR… where language and learning thrive!
-Support children becoming balanced bilingual individuals by recognizing the relationships between language development, cognitive development and social/emotional development. 
-Value and utilize data to ensure ongoing, consistent improvement both for the individual student and the school as a whole.
-Grow professionally as educators who implement standards-based best practices by planning collaboratively with resources and training.
-Foster a physically and emotionally safe learning environment.
-Respect families as a vital part of the students’ learning, where staff and families work together, and put the good of the student first.

School History:

CAD President Perry E. Seely listened to Southern California parents' wishes for another California school for the Deaf in the Southern California counties. He fought for 20 years to get a bill signed into law for California School for the Deaf in Riverside to be established. CSD-R first opened to the students who came for student housing on Sunday, February 2, 1953, with first day of school beginning on Monday, February 3, 1953. From its inception in 1953, the California School for the Deaf, Riverside has attracted deaf scholars and staff with innovative spirit and a desire to serve deaf students. These exceptional individuals create paths of success and opportunities for students.