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Company Slogan: A Student-to-Student Tutoring Network
Director: Erik Kimel
Address: 11257 S. Glen Road , Potomac , MD , 20854
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Maryland , Virginia , New York

Phone Number: 240-744-2470
Fax Number: 240-465-0762

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Telephone Interviews, Face-to-Face Training, Reference Checks.

Professional Work Setting:

Private In-Home Tutoring

Services Provided:

One-to-One Subject Tutoring for Grades K-12, Homework Help, Summer Math Packet Camp


"As a parent of a sixth grade student, I am very pleased to have your services. Your tutors have been very polite, understanding, and knowledgeable and have provided the much needed outside help that my daughter needs. It's nice to know we have the resources and the willingness of our young adults to come forward to help others in their community. I am happy to spread the word."

"I have a 9th grader at Seneca Valley High School . My son has ADD and it is very hard for him to understand how important it is to do all his homework everyday. I was looking for a tutoring program that would help him understand this idea. I received a leaflet in the mail from Peer2Peer Tutoring and I decided to give them a try. It was the best decision I ever made. They matched Michael with Cindy, a junior at Seneca Valley . But amazingly enough I think this was the best choice. Cindy is able to relate to him in a way that I have never seen anyone else do. Thanks to Cindy and Peer2Peer Tutoring for helping Mark understand how important homework is. "

"The program offers exceptional value and exceptional service. The tutors are great; they are high school students themselves who have gone through the system and have mastered the subjects that they teach. They can really relate to the kids, plus they understand the curriculum. And it's totally hassle-free, they come to your house. It's really worked for us. "


At Peer2Peer Tutors, we believe students learn best from other students. We offer personalized courses of study and private in-home tutoring for any elementary, middle or high school subject. We employ the best and brightest juniors and seniors in high school as tutors and adult Management Operational Mentors (M.O.M.) managers for scheduling. Over the past four years, Peer2Peer and its tutors have been establishing tight bonds within the Montgomery County, Maryland; Fairfax , Virginia ; and Lower Manhattan communities.

The Peer2Peer Tutoring Advantage. Our tutors have taken the classes, know teacher expectations, and can relate to pupils in ways an adult cannot. In addition, many students are more comfortable sharing their thoughts, strengths, and weaknesses with someone who is socially comparable to them. As a result, our tutors not only reinforce key concepts from class, but also act as role models.

When Your Child Succeeds, We Succeed. Having the support of a similarly-aged tutor complements parental encouragement. Receiving constructive feedback is most successful when delivered not only by a teacher and parent, but also by a peer. Having recently gone through the same life experiences, they can convey concepts from class on a personal level and communicate areas to improve with less argument or resentment.

We are the best kept secret in Maryland , and look forward to serving you and your family in 2007-2008!