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Basic Information

Address: P.O. Box 797 , Georgetown CO 80444
County: Clear Creek
Phone Number: 303-569-0767
Fax Number: 303-569-0120

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Monarch Center Youth Wilderness Programs
Monarch Center Youth Wilderness Programs
Monarch Center Youth Wilderness Programs
Monarch Center Youth Wilderness Programs

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Additional Information

Founded: 1996
Ages/Grades: Ages 10-18
Gender: Male and Female
Enrollment: Less than 26 students at a time
Duration: Minimum of 30 days
School Setting:

Backcountry of Colorado , Arizona , New Mexico , Utah

Student/Teacher Ratio: Student 2 : Teacher 1

$395 per day

Financial Aid:

Financial Aid is available

Support Services:

Monarch Aftercare Program

Camp Programs: Yes
Accreditation Licenses: State of Colorado , Dept. of Human Services – Residential Child Care Facility and Children's Camp
Professional Affiliations:

NATSAP (National Assoc. of Therapeutic Schools and Programs), OBHIC (Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Industry Council), OBHRC (Outdoor Behavioral Research Council), AEE (Assoc. of Experiential Education), NATWC (National Assoc. of Therapeutic Wilderness Camps)

Area of Focus:

Relationships, Substance Abuse

Mission Statement:

The Monarch Center Mission - Monarch Center is an innovative Gestalt and wilderness therapy program designed to facilitate growth and health in the family system and within the larger context of community.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

The Monarch Center Vision - To facilitate family-centered and holistic therapeutic interventions for families with youth who are seeking greater emotional health, more authentic relationships as well as a more complete level of personal expression. All of our programs will rest on a foundation of Gestalt and wilderness therapy principals. Our goal is to create and facilitate innovative programs and interventions that are of the highest quality, integrity and effectiveness.

Each of our staff will commit themselves to their own professional and personal growth and exploration with the understanding that they cannot lead and walk with others to places they have not gone themselves.

As an organization, we will support all of the above with every available resource.

Notes/School Information:

The Monarch Center is an organization dedicated to working with families to reconnect and move through events and issues that have caused dysfunction and stress to arise. In particular, we effectively support parents and youths who are struggling with issues specific to the parent-adolescent relationship by utilizing both wilderness and relationship-based therapy in an intensive and transformative manner. These issues may include disrespecting authority, delinquency, substance abuse, academic struggles, emotional troubles, and peer conflicts.

The Monarch Center is able to respond to families through a range of services which include:

    • Short & long-term wilderness-based interventions for adolescents
    • Single and multi-family intensives
    • Parent support groups
    • Crisis interventions
    • Family-based wilderness programs
    • Community-based service programs for youths and their families; aftercare support

The vision of The Monarch Center is to work with families in crisis by interrupting and altering the processes which are causing damage to the family system rather than through a long-term exclusion of the child from her or his home environment. The result is a family which enjoys greater authenticity, healthier communication, and deeper connection.

Contact Info:
Phone - 303.569.0767
Fax - 303.569.0120
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