Ohio Computer Academy

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Basic Information

Address: 5900 SAWMILL RD STE 160 Plain City, OH
Phone Number: 6149270647
President: Chandraish Sinha

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Additional Information

Degrees Offered: Certification
School Setting:

Virtual and Class room

School Schedule: 8 hours
School Holidays: Public Holidays
Parking Spaces/Availability:


Computer Capabilities:

Provide training in range of Information Technology(IT)/ Computer courses.

Mission Statement:

Inspire, Educate & Evolve

Inspire :
We inspire students to achieve higher goals.
Our exclusive programs bring out the best of them.
We respect individual needs, and avoid overloading the students with technical jargon.
Our mission is to generate interest and curiosity to seek an abundance of knowledge.

Our mission is to Educate by Inspiration.
We are transformative and bring out the intellect in each individual.
We aspire/strive for the empowerment of our students.
We ensure a challenging learning environment that encourages high expectations for success.

We assist our students to evolve into successful leaders/professionals in the industry.
We provide a dedicated environment conducive to growth and success in every aspect.

Programs and Services:

Variety of courses for exciting career in Information Technology