International Baccalaureate Organization

The IB is a non-governmental organization (NGO) of UNESCO and has collaborative relationships with the Council of Europe and the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF). The IB's alliance with UNESCO encourages the integration of its educational goals into the IB curriculum.

The IB maintains headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, and currently the Curriculum and Assessment Centre is located in Cardiff, Wales. The IB recently announced relocation of the curriculum centre in Cardiff to The Hague, Netherlands, the opening of the IB Americas Global Centre in Maryland, United States, and a new centre to be opened in Singapore by 2020.

The organization is divided into three regional centres: IB Africa, Europe and Middle East (IBAEM), administered from Geneva and Cardiff; IB Americas (IBA), administered from New York and Buenos Aires, Argentina; and IB Asia-Pacific (IBAP), administered from Singapore.

Sub-regional associations "are groups formed by and for IB school practitioners to assist IB schools, teachers and students in their communities—from implementing IB programmes to providing a forum for dialogue."

    There are two in the IB Africa, Europe and Middle East region.
    There are thirty sub-regional associations in the IB Americas region.
    There are five in the Asia Pacific region.

In 2003, the IB established the IB Fund, incorporated in the United States, for the purpose of enhancing fundraising and keeping funds raised separate from operational funds.In 2004, the IB approved a strategic plan to "ensure that programmes and services are of the highest quality" and "to provide access to people who are socio-economically disadvantaged." The United States has the largest number of IB programmes (1,477 out of 3,998) offered in both private and public schools.