Millennium Development Goals

International education is also a major part of international development. Professionals and students wishing to be a part of international education development are able to learn through organizations and university and college programs. Organizations around the world use education as a means to development. The United Nations Millennium Development Goals include to education specific goals:

    Achieve universal primary education in all countries by 2015
    Eliminate gender disparity in primary and secondary education by 2015

Other mentions of education in regard to international development: Education For All (EFA): An international strategy to operazionalize the Dakar Framework for Action; The World Education Forum (Dakar 2000) agreed to reach 6 goals by 2015:

    expand early childhood care and education
    improve access to complete, free schooling of good quality for all primary school-age children
    greatly increase learning opportunities for youth and adults
    improve adult literacy rates by 50%
    eliminate gender disparities in schooling
    improve all aspects of education quality.