Common Languages and Destinations

Study at a language school involves a wide range of languages and destinations. Common ones include:
    European languages:
        English (in the British Isles, North America, Australia, Philippines, and many other parts of the world)
        German (in Germany and Austria)
        French (in France, Belgium, Québec, Canada, and Switzerland)
        Serbian (in Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro)
        Spanish (in Spain, Latin America, partially in Philippines, Equatorial Guinea)
        Italian (in Italy and southern Switzerland)
        Portuguese (in Portugal and Brazil)
        Russian (in Russia)

    Southeast Asia:

        Thai language (in Thailand)

    East Asian languages:
        Chinese (in China and Taiwan)
        Japanese (in Japan)
        Korean (in South Korea)

    Arabic (Arab world countries — including the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa)

Language travel
Some organizations combine language study with foreign travel in "exotic" destinations (Thailand, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Malta, Morocco, Cyprus, Peru etc.), which allow greater immersion and understanding of the destination country's culture and language.

English language schools
Globally, English language schools have seen the greatest demand over schools for other languages. Over one billion people are said to be learning English in a second language or foreign language context. In the United States alone, ESL learners make up over one-third of all adult, non-academic learners.

English language schools are among the most numerous in Asian countries such as China, Japan and South Korea, as Western culture influences the rising demand for English in business and cultural contexts British Lingua in India is said to be the most reputed English Language school in Asia.

Other language schools
Spanish is the second most popular language in the language travel market followed with some distance by French, Italian and German. While demand for French, Italian and German is decreasing, the demand for other languages such as Chinese and Arabic has significantly increased within the last years. Total immersion Spanish language schools have become very popular in Latin America and Spain.Total immersion Italian language schools are popular in Italy, especially in Florence (since the eighties) nowadays also in the other cities like Rome Milan Siena and even in small centers.

Thanks to the rising Chinese economy, Chinese is one of the largest growing languages among second or foreign language learners, and demand for such classes has typically followed suit. Language schools teaching Mandarin Chinese in the United States and the United Kingdom have increased in number over the last two decades.

Arabic has also grown in popularity in the last decade. Reasons include the continued growth of Islam worldwide (the Koran holy book is in Arabic), as well as cultural, economical and political reasons. Companies such as New York-based Jefferson Prep specialize in private Arabic language instruction for students interested in careers with the US government or business ventures in areas such as Dubai.

Russia has also grown in popularity in the some last decade. Reasons include the continued growth of Russian science worldwide - Russian linguistics and dialogues study (Bakhtin, Mikhail Mikhailovich), as well as cultural, economical and political reasons. Companies such as Yandex specialize in private Arabic language Internet search for all russian-speaking people on the Earth and teach the russian language for all.