Pell Grant Program

The Pell Grant program is a post-secondary education subsidy run by the Federal government of the United States. It is named after Senator Claiborne Pell, though its actual name is the Basic Educational Opportunity Grant program. They are awarded based on a "financial need" formula determined by the U.S. Congress. That formula is: cost of attendance - expected family contribution = financial need; students under 24 must report their parents income on the FAFSA whether they're living with them or not. Other circumstances which allow the student to report only their income are: having a child, being married (or divorced), being a veteran, or being an orphan or ward of the court.

The basic premise is that parents with higher incomes in our society have a fundamental duty to help pay for college and that such grants will help only those students who actually need help to pay for their studies.

Federal budget legislation passed in early 2006 cut the federal financial aid budget by $12.5 billion. The maximum Pell Grant limit was raised to $6000, although funding constraints will limit the number of maximum awards.

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