The B.N. Duke program is named in honor of Benjamin N. Duke, a respected leader, businessman, and philanthropist. For several years, beginning in 1892, Benjamin N. Duke provided scholarships to Trinity College (which eventually became Duke University) for students from North Carolina. Since Benjamin N. Duke’s time, Duke University has grown into an international institution. Through the Benjamin N. Duke Scholars, Duke and the Duke Endowment seek to develop potential leaders from the Carolinas and contribute to the future development of the region.

Established in 1984, the Trinity Scholarships are awarded on a rotating basis to some of the most gifted students residing within specific geographic areas of North and South Carolina. Duke created the Trinity Scholarships with the support of its North and South Carolina alumni to attract the finest students from its home and neighboring state. Originally established by alumni in Guilford, Davidson, Randolph, and Montgomery counties, Trinity scholarships have now been developed in a wide range of counties, drawing students from all of North and South Carolina.