Fatfield Diet Calorie-Controlled Diet

The Fatfield Diet is a calorie-controlled diet designed to induce healthy weight loss, created in the 1990s by British author and The Sun journalist Sally Ann Voak. The diet was originally devised for a serial feature on the BBC daytime television programme "Bazaar", in which an entire village (Fatfield in north-east England) was challenged to lose weight. The series proved very popular on British television, and consequently was turned into a bestselling paperback book and a follow up recipe book. Though out of print, these books are still widely available second-hand on the Internet.

The diet works by restricting calorie intake but encourages consumption of large amounts of food which have low calorific value and/or are high in fibre. The variety within the diet and the large bulk of the food consumed means that the dieter feels well and full yet still loses weight.

The diet is unquestionably healthy and effective, and is sufficiently flexible enough to agree with different tastes. Its principal disadvantage is the time and effort required to assemble and prepare all the ingredients. This may not suit very busy people with severe restrictions on their time.

Despite the interest generated within the United Kingdom, because there was no new or revolutionary aspect to the diet, the diet did not attract interest elsewhere and remains little-known outside of that country.