Sample First and Fourth Quarter Questions

Listed below are sample questions asked in an NAL match:

Math- What is -81 divided by -9? (9) If a factory produces 7000 bottles a day and 1.8% are defective, how many good bottles are produced?

English- Correct the following sentence: My Dad and I went fishing. (Change Dad to dad) What are the demonstrative pronouns? (This,that,these,those)

Geography- What is the capital of Turkey? (Ankara) Give the postal abbreviations for the following states: Vermont and Utah. (VT and UT)

World History- What did the Albany Plan of Union do? (Set up an army for the US, provided councils for each colony to deal with purchasing lands) What king of England executed 2 of his 6 wives? (Henry VIII)

Science- What type of rock is formed below ground by cooling magma? (Intrusive igneous) What is the abbreviation for potassium? (K)