Famous GED Recipients

* Wally Amos, founder of Famous Amos
* Peter Jennings, ABC News anchor
* Augusten Burroughs, writer
* Ben Night horse Campbell, former U.S. Senator from Colorado
* Richard Carmona, 17th Surgeon General of the United States
* Aaron Carter, entertainer
* Michael Chang, professional tennis player
* Bill Cosby, actor, comedian, and television personality
* Jim Florio, New Jersey Governor 1990-1994
* Michael J. Fox, actor
* Paris Hilton, socialite
* D.L. Hughley, actor and comedian
* Waylon Jennings, singer and guitarist
* Kelly McGillis, actress
* Bonnie McKee, singer-songwriter
* Ruth Ann Minner, Governor of Delaware
* John Michael Montgomery, singer
* Danica Patrick, Indy Racing League driver
* Mary Lou Retton, medal-winning Olympic gymnast
* Chris Rock, comedian, who also parodied the GED as a "Good Enough Diploma" in his comedy special Bring the Pain.
* Jessica Simpson, entertainer
* Christian Slater, actor
* Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy's Restaurant
* Ron Turcotte, Triple Crown-winning jockey
* Mark Wahlberg, actor
In 1976, "Mr. Hooper", a character on the children's television series Sesame Street, received his GED

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