History of Education in Benin

By the late 1980s, under Benin's Marxist government, the quality of education was seriously eroded and, by 1989, the education system was in a state of collapse. A key event in the reform of education in Benin was the national Conference on Education (Etats Généraux de l'Education-EGE) held in 1990 which adopted a national policy and strategy to improve education. Beginning in 1991, the government of Benin introduced significant changes within the Beninese education system.

Major advances have been made in education, especially in the areas of access and teaching/learning conditions. The gross enrollment rate has increased from a base of 49.7% in 1990 to 96% in 2004 and girls' enrollment from 36% in 1990 to 84% in 2004. Gender balance and geographic equity have shown significant improvements in gross numbers of girls and children from disadvantaged areas attending primary schools. Nonetheless, major constraints and challenges remain.