Tuition and Financial Aid System

Almost all educational institutes in Denmark are free. This tuition-fee-less system applies to all students who:
have been born in Denmark (including the Faroe Islands and Greenland); or
hold a permanent resident visa; or
Permanent residence permit ('permanent opholdstilladelse')
Temporary residence permit that can be upgraded to a permanent one ('midlertidig opholdstilladelse mmf varigt ophold')
Residence permit as the accompanying child of a non-EU/EEA parent holding a residence permit based on employment (§9a and §9m of the Danish Aliens Act - text in Danish)
hold a humanitarian visa; or
are from a country in the Nordic Council; or
are from a country in the European Economic Area or European Union.

Not only are students charged no tuition fees, but all Danish citizens (and many others meeting certain criteria) are offered monthly financial aid, known as "SU" (Statens Uddannelsesstøtte, meaning State Educational Support), amounting for each student to about DKK 2,728 monthly if the student lives with his/her parents or guardians, and about DKK 5,486 monthly if the student lives away from his/her parents or guardians. Students can supplement the SU with low-interest government loans amounting to DKK 2,807 per month, which must be paid back upon the completion of their education.