Criticism of Education in Greece

There can be heard and seen lots of facts that show people's disappointment by the Greek Education System.
Many people claim that Greek schools' role does little to help them make use of their abilities in life.

In Greece, students often have lodged complaints about the teaching and grading system of their teachers. There are heard occasions, for example, of teachers who give lower/higher marks to a student than they should have, based on their personal effort and achievements at the lesson. The Education System is believed to follow a too 'democratic' view on such incidents, ignoring such issues.

Another important issue which is causing disturbance in many Greek families is the existence of paid private classes named frontistiria (φροντιστήρια) whose attendance by the Greek students has become a necessity in order for them to be able to achieve high grades and succeed in their exams. This is a phenomenon noticed especially as the student approaches the 3rd grade of upper high school because of the high difficulty of the Panhellenic Examinations. It has been an object of criticism due to the high fees that most Greek families are called to pay, thus deviating from the concept of a free and accessible education for everyone. Furthermore, in 2012 the Greek government introduced a regulation that changed the regime which the selection of the students who wished to be registered in the Experimental Schools was done with. Before 2012, those students were picked from a lottery, whereas the regulation established a system of entrance exams for Experimental Schools which occurred in the 1st grade of lower and upper high school that the students had to pass in order to be selected. This incident reinforced the presence of frontistiria, as some parents started sending their children there, even while at primary-age, so as to prepare them for the entrance exams. The regulation also renamed the Experimental Schools to Exemplar Experimental Schools.