Education Reform

The Fourth Five-Year Development Plan (2005-2010) has envisaged upgrading the quality of the educational system at all levels, as well as reforming education curricula, and developing appropriate programs of vocational training, a continuation of the trend towards labor market oriented education and training.

With the new education reform plan in 2012, the Pre-university year will be replaced with an additional year in elementary school. Students will have the same teacher for the first 3 years of primary school. Emphasis will be made on research, knowledge production and questioning instead of math and memorizing alone. In the new system the teacher will no longer be the only instructor but a facilitator and guide.

Other more general goals of the education reform are:
Making the education more global in terms of knowledge.
Nurturing children who believe in the one God.
Providing a socially just education system.
Increasing the role of the family in the education system.
Increasing the efficiency of the education system.
Achieving the highest standard of education in the region.