Aide et Action in Laos

Aide et Action (AEA) is trying to increase the education of the people in Laos, by promoting access to school for the disadvantaged, improving the quality of primary education and supporting and encouraging education programs for children migrant and geographically inaccessible. AEA hopes to prevent the exclusion and marginalization that is occurring throughout the country. AEA is employing a two-prong approach to tackle this problem of low education levels in Laos. On one hand, it is trying to lay some basic infrastructure, which can aid this effort to increase the national education level and literacy rates. A couple of libraries have been built and are operational.

On the other hand, AEA is training locals to be adequately qualified and skilled to run and management libraries so as to be able to benefit from the libraries. School headmasters have been trained on school management, and teachers have been trained to use of the preprimary education project curriculum, class facilitation and on early childhood education and care, in a pilot phase to promote reading and preprimary education in Laos.

Though AEA is trying to help in Laos, it has been careful and has entailed the cooperation of local organizations, such as the Ministry of Education. This is essential, as AEA being an international organization most probably would not be well-versed in the local culture and procedures. Hence, by being involved in joint efforts with local organizations, it enables AEA to reach areas and people that it otherwise would not have reached. This makes the projects more effective.