Education Statistics in Malta

In 2008, 26,711 primary students, 25,793 secondary students, 5,719 post-secondary students, 9,472 tertiary students and 6,268 vocational students were enrolled in educational courses in Malta. Approximately 30 per cent of students of school age attend private schools, most of which are operated by the Catholic Church. In 2009, 34.9 per cent of the population between 18 and 24 years of age had not completed secondary school, while in 2008 92 per cent of the population was considered literate. Malta ranks equal eleventh in the world on the national IQ scale.

The compulsory education period in Malta has been between five and 16 years of age since the introduction of the Education Act 1988. This is an increase from up to 12 years of age in 1924 (in this year, school attendance became compulsory for those already enrolled - the act of enrollment itself was not compulsory) and 14 years of age in 1946, when compulsory school attendance was introduced for all students, enrolled or otherwise. Compulsory schooling has always applied to both males and females during its existence.