Education Structure in Mauritius

Academic stream
The academic stream is the standard stream of education, allowing progression from primary school to secondary school to tertiary institutions. Students who aim to seek admission in higher education or foreign institutions generally follow the academic stream.

Academic Formal Education Structure

Stage Age Status Pre-requisites Class Exams
Pre-Primary 3 - 5 Years Compulsory None Year I
Year II
Year III
Primary 5 - 11 Years Compulsory Pre-Primary Education Standard I
Standard II
Standard III
Standard IV
Standard V
Standard VI

Certificate of Primary Education

Lower Secondary 12 - 16 Years Compulsory Certificate of Primary Education Form I
Form II
Form III

Form III Certificate

Upper Secondary 17 - 20 Years Optional Form III Certificate for School Certificate

School Certificate for Higher School Certificate

Form IV
Form V
Lower VI
Upper VI
School Certificate (O Level)

Higher School Certificate (A Level)

Tertiary 18+ Years Optional Higher School Certificate Leads to Bachelor's, Master's, PhD,
and other academic degrees

Vocational stream
Those who wish to obtain career and technical qualifications, as well as those who fail to complete any stage or obtain any qualification of the academic stream from the Certificate of Primary Education onward, may enter into the vocational stream, which provides technical and vocational training and education (TVET) in life skills and job skills for employment and independent living. The vocational stream offers options outside of the academic stream for students to complete the compulsory stages of education, and to continue their formal education beyond the compulsory years, in vocational programmes of study. Those who successfully complete the Higher National Diploma (HND), a post-secondary qualification, may then progress to the Bachelor's degree with advanced standing, and thus re-enter into the academic stream of formal education, with the option to progress onto postgraduate studies in higher education.

Vocational Formal Education Structure

Qualification Pre-requisites Class Progression
Pre-vocational Certificate Standard VI of Primary Education Form I
Form II
Form III
Form IV
National Trade Certificate Foundation
National Trade Certificate Foundation Form III Certificate or Pre-vocational Certificate Year I
Year II
Year III
National Trade Certificate II
National Trade Certificate II National Trade Certificate Foundation Year I
Year II
Year III
National Trade Certificate III
National Trade Certificate III National Trade Certificate II Year I
Year II
Year III
Post-secondary qualifications