Educators in Norwegian Schools

The titles of educators in Norwegian schools vary with the degrees they have.

Pre-school teacher (Førskolelærer or barnehagelærer): These teachers are primarily employed in kindergartens and the first four grades of primary school. To become a pre-school teacher in Norway requires a bachelor's degree from a university college.
Adjunct teacher (Adjunkt): These teachers primarily work between the 5th and 10th grades of lower secondary school, but some are also employed in high schools, usually in minor subjects. To become an adjunct requires a bachelor's degree in a particular subject from a university or university college. Many adjuncts have studied other courses at a lower level, which they teach as a secondary subject (a mathemathics teacher may have studied physics at a lower level, but teaches both). In addition, a one-year course in pedagogy is required.
Lecturer (Lektor): Lecturers work in upper secondary school and high schools, from 8th grade up to the third year of high school. Lecturers have a master's degree from a university, along with a pedagogy course. Lecturers usually have a more academic approach to teaching than other teachers.