Years of Schooling

School Year Age of entry School Stage
- 0 Infantário / Creche
- 1
- 2
- 3 Jardim de Infância
- 4
- 5
1st year 6 1º Ciclo - 1st Cycle Ensino Básico
Basic Education
2nd year 7
3rd year 8
4th year 9
5th year 10 2º Ciclo - 2nd Cycle
6th year 11
7th year 12 3º Ciclo - 3rd Cycle
8th year 13
9th year 14
10th year 15 Ensino Secundário
Secondary Education
11th year 16
12th year 17

Students must turn 6 years old until the end of the civil year of entry in 1st year of school.

School Year Calendar
Each school year starts in mid September and ends in mid June. There are three holiday breaks during the year: Christmas break (2 weeks), Carnival break (3 days) and Easter break (2 weeks). The school year is divided in three terms, usually limited by the following dates:
1st term - from 15-21 September to 15 December
2nd term - from 3 January to two weeks before Easter
3rd term - from the Tuesday after Easter to 15 June
After the end of the 3rd term, there are national exams during June and July for students in 9th, 11th and 12th years, and measurement exams in 2nd, 5th and 8th years.