Education Authorities

Control of education is currently shared between the Ministry of Education and the Supreme Education council. Funding to the Ministry of Education has been reduced and many schools have been transferred to the Supreme Education Council.

Supreme Education Council
Supreme Education Council (SEC) was created by decree number 37 in the year 2002. From 2006 onward, the council directs and controls the education system at all levels from pre-school through university. The SEC directs three educational institutes:
The Education Institute, which directly oversees independent and semi-independent schools and develops curriculum standards.
The Evaluation Institute, which conducts national assessments of student learning of independent K-12 schools and is responsible for licensing teachers.
The Higher Education Institute, which assists students in applying for colleges.

Ministry of Education (Supreme Education Council)
Formed in 1956, the Ministry of Education currently supports private schools with educational facility inspections, health services, and electricity and water. Its personnel were consolidated into Supreme Education Council in 2009.

The Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development
Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development is a private, chartered, non-profit organization in the state of Qatar, founded in 1995. Under Qatar Foundation's umbrella are Education City, which began construction in 2000 and which comprises several foreign universities, academic and training programs, and the Qatar Science & Technology Park.

Qatar Foundation launched the World Innovation Summit for Education - WISE - an annual global forum that brings together education stakeholders, opinion leaders and decision makers from all over the world to discuss educational issues.