School Grades in Vietnam

In Vietnam, a school year is divided into two semesters: the first begins in late August and ends in December, while the second begins right after the first and lasts until June.

Level/Grade Typical age
Pre-school playgroup 3-4
Kindergarten 4-6
Primary education
First grade 6-7
Second grade 7-8
Third grade 8-9
Fourth grade 9-10
Fifth grade 10-11
Middle school
Sixth grade 11-12
Seventh grade 12-13
Eighth grade 13-14
Ninth grade 14-15
Secondary school
Tenth grade 15-16
Eleventh grade 16-17
Twelfth grade 17-18
Post-secondary education
University Ages vary (usually 4 years)
College Ages vary (usually 2 years)