U.S. Academic Decathlon Super Quiz

The Super Quiz is one highlighted event out of the subjects, but it is never mathematics, essay, speech, or interview. It is always a special topic in relations to the theme. The Super Quiz provides the overall focus for the competition, and other events may be influenced by the choice of Super Quiz topic. Additionally, the Super Quiz not only contains a written test, but also a quizbowl type competition, where students have a few seconds to answer a few questions for a large number of points. In the competitions held at counties across the United States, the SuperQuiz competition is generally referred to as the 'SuperQuiz' relay. In this portion, each school sends up 3 students at a time to compete. Varsity students go first, and after that scholastics and honors. Each group of students are given ten questions. These questions are read aloud to the audience and are in printed form for the competitors. After the questions and answers are read, the students are allowed seven seconds in which they have to bubble in the correct answer on their answer sheet. Their answer is corrected on the spot, and their score is immediately known to everyone. This portion of academic decathlon has long been regarded as the most 'fun,' since parents and friends are welcome to watch, as school cheer for their competitors.

Past Super Quiz topics:
2006 - The European Renaissance: Renewal and Reform
2005 - Exploring the Ancient World, From Empty Space to Incredible Universe: The Sky Is Not the Limit
2004 - America, The Growth of a Nation: The Lewis and Clark Expedition
2003 - Understanding the Natural World, The Blue Planet: Beneath the Surface
2002 - Understanding Others, E-communications: The Internet & Society
2001 - Understanding the Self, Concepts of the Self: Philosophy, Psychology, and Religion
2000 - Looking Forward, Creating the Future: Sustainable Earth
1999 - Looking Inward, The Brain
1998 - Looking Outward, Globalization: The New Economy
1997 - Information Revolution
1996 - The United States: Cooperation and Competition
1995 - Biotechnology: The Next Frontier
1994 - Documents of Freedom
1993 - A Diversity of Achievers
1992 - Habitat Earth
1991 - Space Exploration
1990 - American Indians: Our American Heritage
1989 - The Presidency
1988 - The History of Flight
1987 - We The People
1986 - The Constitution