PSAT/NMSQT Testing Tips

Spend the school year challenging yourself academically and read as much as possible to help prepare. The PSAT includes the same types of multiple choice questions as the SATs.

Practice: Take a wide selection of academic courses and read widely; Enroll in the most challenging courses; Get involved in trouble solving activities through clubs, hobbies, etc.

Prepare/During Testing: Take practice tests; Learn directions for each section though practice tests; Take your time; Don't feel you have to answer every question; Work steadily and don't focus too much time on any question; USe educated guessing and eliminate at least one answer with multiple choice

Educated Guessing: This is when you can eliminate 1 or 2 answers from multiple choice as being completely wrong.

Random Guessing: This is when you have no idea of the answer. Don't waste time on these questions, move on to the next